Troy Fry's inaugural foray into automotive painting is a marvel to behold, evident in their meticulous work on a 1971 Plymouth Satellite. Embarking on this journey, they commenced with the robust foundation of DTA Epoxy, followed by a strategic layering of DTM Primer. Their dedication to perfection shines through as they applied three initial coats of DTM Primer, subsequently refining the surface by sanding it down. Undeterred, they then expertly added two more coats of DTM Primer, each layer a testament to their commitment to achieving an impeccable base. Progressing through meticulous grits, from 320 to 400 and 600, they honed the surface to flawlessness.

Injecting a bold personality into the project, they opted for Tamco Paint's distinct Toxic Waste color, a decision that undoubtedly sets the 1971 Plymouth Satellite apart. The finishing touch was the application of HC4100 Glamour Clearcoat, which encapsulates the depth of their dedication and the richness of their craftsmanship. Troy Fry's artistic journey shines through in every coat, from the careful layering of primer to the vibrant Toxic Waste hue, resulting in a truly spectacular transformation of the 1971 Plymouth Satellite.


Painter:  Troy Fry

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

DtaDtmEpoxyHc4100Hr reducerPrimerToxic wasteUrethane reducers