Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team:

Bob and Tammy Barney: Still owners, but also the founders of Tamco, a subsidiary of Barney Family Enterprises since 1989! Bob has been in the paint business since 1979 and has manufactured marine paints (topside and bottom paint), Industrial finishes and auto refinish paints for the last 39 years. Tamco is a family-owned business, where everyone you talk to in the company is either family or very close to family. Bob usually answers the Tech Line, for helping users answering application questions. When you call us, you are talking with owners. Tammy Barney is who the company is named after, has helped in aspects of the business since it's founding, and is more behind the scenes now.

Mark Hayward: Our General Manager of production is Mark Hayward. Mark has been in the paint business for 17 years now, working his way up to managing a few of the largest automotive jobber stores in just 2 years. Working with Dupont (now known as Axalta) and BASF in the automotive and Industrial fields. Some of his skills are a mix of sales, tech & management.

Christine Barney: Christine (youngest daughter of Bob's and fiancee of Mark) works on website design, email blasts, social media and also helps take/process orders. Christine has also been in the business all of her life also helping her dad as a young child. Starting part time for her dad in High School, delivering, sales, manufacturing, ventured to running Sherwin-Williams Industrial stores, and the largest automotive jobber's stores. Some of her skills are sales, cold calling, growth and management for the past 18 years.

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Deleno Evans

Deleno Evans

Christine,Amber,Ashley were very helpful in my choice of materials. My Painter Lawrence is now a Customer. I wanted the paint a little darker but it was difficult deciding from a picture. WIl bring truck over after completion around November for your eyes. Thanks Ladies.Also the the gentleman that talked about mixing of paint was helpful. Sorry don’t remember his name.

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