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Understanding Our Primers

September 26, 2019

Understanding Our Primers

Understanding Our Primers


Tamco makes the finest quality primers money can buy. Again, we use the best ingredients. Our DTM 2K urethane primers do not use industrial enamels as others do. We use 100% acrylic polyols (same as what we use in our clears). Our resins are DIRECT TO METAL resins. Read the instructions on other primers. They most likely want you to use metal preps BEFORE applying the primer. Why? It’s because they do not use the more expensive direct to metal resins. WE DO! Our HP5310, can be directly applied over sanded steel, galvanize, and even most aluminums -- try that with the others!

We also use both clay, and talc. Most modern primers to do blend the two powders. We do. This gives you are a little harder to sand primer initially - BUT WILL NOT DRAW SAND SCRATCHES in 90 days! Our primers have NO EQUAL in the market. (65% solids in the HC-5310). Our Primers DO NOT SHRINK!

Our HP5311 Black 2K acrylic primer is not only direct to metal BUT DIRECT TO RUST.

We make the most unique epoxy primer made! Only Boeing aircraft uses the epoxy resin that we use in our DIRECT TO ANYTHING (DTA) epoxy! This product sticks virtually to any surface including stainless steel and glass! Most amazingly, unlike any other epoxy on the market, you can paint over the product (when used as a sealer) WET ON WET! Read the other epoxies. They all want to see a minimum of 2-4 hours before top coating. Our DTA epoxy can be used as a sealer or primer, and for large jobs, can be top coated up to 7 days without sanding! This is an excellent choice for large fleets, or car restoration shops.

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