Frank Ayon, the accomplished painter, employed a range of Tamco Paint products to create a stunning finish on his project. Frank's choice of Chrysler Flame Red and Tamgerine Pearl suggests a bold and fiery design, promising to make a bold statement.

The addition of Sangria for graphics adds depth and complexity to the overall look. Frank's use of Brush FX Deep Dowel Purple indicates intricate detailing and a personalized touch to the project, bringing out the artistic essence of the work. To protect and enhance his creation, he wisely applied HC4105 Extra Slow Glamour Clearcoat, ensuring a high-gloss finish that will preserve the vibrancy of the colors for years to come. Frank Ayon's meticulous craftsmanship and creative vision have undoubtedly resulted in a standout and professionally finished project, showcasing his exceptional talent in the realm of automotive painting.

Painter: Frank Ayon

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Brush fxBrush fx pinstriping deep dowel purpleChrysler flame redHc4105Hp5310Hr reducerTamgerineTamgerine pearl