Bryan Richardson showcased his distinctive style in automotive customization by having his Volkswagen Super Beetle sprayed with Tamco Paint's Kia Grass Green Metallic. The choice of Kia Grass Green Metallic suggests a desire for a vibrant and metallic finish, likely giving the Super Beetle a dynamic and eye-catching appearance. This particular green hue is known for its lively and reflective qualities, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a standout and energetic finish.

Bryan Richardson's decision to use Tamco Paint's Kia Grass Green Metallic on the Volkswagen Super Beetle likely results in a vehicle with a visually striking and personalized presence. The choice of this specific color indicates a preference for achieving a high-impact and attention-grabbing look, showcasing Richardson's creativity and flair in enhancing the visual appeal of his automotive project. Kia Grass Green Metallic is likely to add a touch of individuality and flair to the Super Beetle, reflecting Bryan Richardson's unique vision and expertise in the realm of automotive customization.


Painter: Bryan Richardson

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