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When will I receive my Gift Card Code?

All Gift Card codes will be sent early Jan. 2024. 

After the holidays we will work on emailing out all Gift Card codes. If it's mid Jan, and you do not see it, check your spam or others folder. Call or email us with us with any questions after the holidays, we are happy to resend the code(s).

Why Gift Cards? I want to buy product!

With Holiday hours, vacation and low staff during the holidays, Tamco Paint cannot guarantee a quick turn around for shipping. Most large sales can take up to 1-4 weeks to fulfil. Tamco decided back in 2021, during the pandemic to offer Gift Cards and it's been a hit ever sense.

If you need to Buy Tamco Paint and want it on sale, we have some distributors offering our products on sale for  Black Fri, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday

Tamco Distributors:

1. The Spray Source in WV

2. Didspade in AZ

Are Gift Cards worth it??

YES!!! If you don't need product right now, absolutely. Buying money in our store to use at a later time is great way to save 30% next year.

Gift Cards do not expire, you can use them until you deplete the balance and we can always resend the Gift Card if you delete or loose the email.

This is a gift, how can I give this as a gift this year??

We have alot of spouses, kids, grand kids and also friends that buy Tamco Gift Cards for loved ones. We recommend printing off your email since we do not mail gift cards. We feel keeping this virtual is most beneficial, this way it cannot get lost.

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Urethane Reducers HR1300
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76 Series Hardener

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    BMW Dark Green | 1994-2000 | OEM High Impact Series Single Stage

    BMW Dark Green | 1994-2000 | OEM High Impact Series Single Stage