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DTA Epoxy (Direct to Anything)

Direct To Anything Epoxy Kit

Our DTA (direct to anything) epoxy lives up to the name. It will literally stick to anything. We have even sprayed it over cleaned glass chrome without sanding! Other than just excellent adhesion, DTA epoxy offers top notch corrosion resistance and ultra-smooth spray ability. It can be re-coated or top coated within 7 days and is ideal for long term restoration projects where the vehicle has to sit in primer for long periods of time.

This kit renders 2 gallons once mixed.

NOTE**  DTA Epoxy DOES NOT need an induction time



TDS Sheets


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Kit Includes:
1- Epoxy Primer
1- Hardener
Reducer is NOT Included in any kits, however we if you choose to reduce our epoxy read the TDS Sheet.
(This kit renders 2 gallons once mixed)

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Solak

DTA Epoxy (Direct to Anything)

Shawn Promin
Epoxy DTA Primers 661/662/663

We use this exclusively on all of our customers projects, outdoor patio furniture, architectural pieces inside and outside. Bike frames, etc etc. its an easy 1:1 mix. Highly recommend even for a beginner!!!

Deke Hoffman

I'm not a pro body /paint guy, but I will definitely be getting more of this. Good stuff

Tom Stahura
Ranger Boat paint job

First of all Great Customer service. I like that it’s Family company. I sprayed the DTA over gelcoat followed by high build primer. After all body work and touch ups, I sprayed another coat of DTA primer. I sprayed using a Fuji Mini mite 5 with a 2.5 tip. I wet sanded with 600. It took a bit of effort to sand with 600, but I think that’s due to the strength of the DTA. I will be spraying Duraflint I over this. I will be painting the bottom of the boat later and will be using the DTA for this also.

Tom Walsh
DTA Epoxy

Mixed and sprayed really well, customer service is outstanding!