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High Build Epoxy Primer




We suggest as usual the DTA Epoxy followed by the DTM Primer.


High Build Epoxy Primer
Kit Includes:
1- Epoxy
1- Hardener
Reducer is NOT Included in any Epoxy kits, however it is needed for proper application.
This 1:1 Two-part, high-solids epoxy primer is an ideal coat under high-gloss urethane topcoats to maximize adhesion, improve gloss, and aid in gloss retention. We say improves gloss and aides in gloss as epoxies once topcoated too soon tends to cause dye back issues.
This epoxy will not have those issues. Dries quickly for faster overcoating, easy to sand once cured, (in as little as 3 hours above 70) and provides excellent corrosion control.
The Surfacing
primer formula is ideal for easy sanding, very high build uses on all substrates. Ideal for a underwater marine primer, but not solely intended for marine use
. This epoxy can be used on ANY substrate. The 770 series epoxy unlike our HP660 series epoxy is solely Direct to rust! 3 coats of this epoxy is all the protection you need against rust! 
Our 660 series epoxy was always a “sealer” coat epoxy. Never intended for build, you always needed to use our 53xx primer over it (at least 12 hours later) for the build and sandable properties. You no longer need to do that with this unique epoxy. 

You now have a new option! 

If you want a high build, quick sanding, non shrinking epoxy. Consider the 770 series epoxy 

Make sure you choose the proper size. NO TEMPERATURE IS REQUIRED FOR PRIMER KITS!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Not impressed with clear I used

First I want to say customer service is 5 stars.  I really wanted this to work out but unfortunately I was not impressed with my order.  I’ve painted a few cars (not a expert) but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a clear coat look amazing right after I sprayed then turn dull 24 hours  later. Still scratching my head, because I know 90 percent of the time it’s human error.  Well had a little clear coat (different brand) from previous job. Sprayed one of the small panels that I removed from car with it and it turned out great, never dulled. Interesting, so I went back to Tamco’s paint (2100 clear)on another small panel and it did the same thing(looked great and then dulled.) I’ve color sanded and buffed and can’t get the shine I want from it. Other clears I’ve never had to color sand much at all, very light buff(use a iwata ws 400 for clear). So I’m a little disappointed that I’m going to have to clear the car again soon, used there jet black base coat and there epoxy primer and both those products where great. 

Craig Voisin
High build Epoxy

Great product for use on things like a chassis or frames . The high build epoxy 771 gray epoxy easily filled the minor pits and dings on on my 1966 truck frame requiring me to do minimal filling and sanding for a nice smooth surface . It worked so well I am planning on using it on the bottom of the cab , the firewall , and the rear axle next .

Andre Terrazas

High Build Epoxy Primer

Darrel Kestner
Great stuff.....

Well, I did an entire shoot and from the test sanding we have done this may be my "go to" process for the complete primer/build process. Haven't noticed any shrinkage and it knocks down easy....

tim sherrill
Tamco Paint Manufacturing