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Grapeness - Candy Pearl Basecoat

Candy Pearl Basecoat Grapeness


Tamco Candy Pearl Basecoat are all Basecoats mixed 1:1 with Tamco HR series reducer. 

These colors are transparent candy bases with pearls added to make them pop! If you’ve wanted to spray candy, but have always been intimated, these are for you. 

You will keep a consistent even look using them mixed over a black Basecoat. These are transparent, so a black Basecoat should be used as a ground coat. Our HB9900 Jet Black would be the ideal ground coat. 

You’ll be able to achieve full consistency in coverage with 2 coats. You can do more coats if desired. 

You have the ability to mixed these and create countless options as well! 

This is the user friendly candy option you’ve been looking for! Extremely vibrant rich colors with the perfect amount of pearl. You’ll achieve the classy finish you’ve wanted with these colors! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Jason Frazier
    Paint is amazing

    I do not paint but ah e someone who is painting my bike for me and it looks amazing.

    Brandon Murray

    Fucking Love it

    Eddie jackson
    Excellent Service

    I’m very satisfied with your product. Tammy was very helpful into guiding me on the right chemicals to go with my paint instead of just completing the sale. I also learned a lot more about your products and will definitely be purchasing through you guys in the near future. It took me awhile to figure out my paint and Tammy introduced me to the candy pearls and it’s done from there. Grapeness Candy Pearl is my favorite…. Thanks again

    Emilio Urias Jr

    Spraying was nice looked good

    The best looking colors

    I love all of the candy pearls! Candy without the headache! Easy to spray, looks great, and way easier to match than traditional candy if something ever needs resprayed