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Tamco Throwback Fathom Blue


Tamco Throwback Fathom Blue

Tamco is happy to release a line of colors we believe people have been seeking! We have been asked to put a spin on peoples restorations over time. This led to this creation named TAMCO THROWBACK!
Have you ever wanted a iconic color from the most iconic time in automotive cars? When you think of the best of the best in automotive Americana, you think 1969-1972. So to start we chose 10 of the most memorial iconic colors, and we put the well known Tamco touch on them.

Have you ever wanted Hugger Orange with a twist? We took care of that for you. We took the beautiful shade of orange most known for being on a 1969 Camaro, and added a killer pearl to it. Commonly in the automotive industry this would only be achieved in a tri-stage. Not only did we stay true to Tamco, and make it a true basecoat, that covers in 2-3 coats over white primer, sealer or base coat. We took this idea and applied it to the most iconic solid colors between those years. Lemon Twist (this is a creation between any yellow from this era) Garnet Red, Panther Pink (aka Moulin Rouge) and British Racing Green. Now we didnt forget about the metallics. LeMans Blue, Grabber Green, Plum Crazy and to name a few. We changed the metallic size, gave it a retro custom one off feel. Made it brighter, coarser, and added PEARL! All of these Throwback colors look like what they were created as, they just look incredibly better and richer. So when you see a 1970 Cuda in Tamco Throwback Panther Pink Pearl, you'll think to yourself, WOW, why does this look so good! It looks thats good because some used Tamco, and so should you. If you want the matte black hood accents, or under the hood black, look on our site. We also make the matte black SS to accent your Throwback.


Like all our custom colors these colors look night and day in the sun/shade or garage. They also will flop differently whether based in white, black or grey/silver.

Tamco Throwback will look lighter based over White or grey & darker over black. Tamco base recommendation: Use best judgement on each color. Yellow should use white. The rest grey or black. Buy primer accordingly.

Coverage will be 2-3 coats at a 1:1 mix ratio. Buy Urethane reducer ONLY!

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Customer Reviews

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Scott Nevala
I alive the products and service

Very helpful great company to deal with

Mark Vitale

The plum crazy is a very nice purple.I painted a water bottle for my mother and it turned out great.

JR Cantu
Quality product

Paint is what I expected and more. Good job Tamco

Randy Bettes
Fathom Blue

Just laid down some Fathom Blue. Holy crap this stuff is loaded with pearl. As always, Tamco paint rocks.

Brian Chriscoe

Excellent products, definitely my go to supplier for all my auto body needs!