Chris Pitt, a visionary artist with an eye for the extraordinary, showcased his creative prowess by adorning concrete sculptures with a remarkable palette. Drawing on his mastery of aesthetics, Chris opted for Tamco Paint's Intensity Patriot Blue, Silver Bling, and Chalk White to breathe life into his sculptures. This thoughtful selection of colors demonstrates Chris's meticulous approach, as he expertly balanced the vibrancy of Patriot Blue, the allure of Silver Bling, and the subtlety of Chalk White to create a captivating visual symphony. Moreover, Chris's choice to employ HC895 Intercoat & Clearcoat as a binder underscores his commitment to longevity and artistic integrity, ensuring that his creations not only shine aesthetically but also endure the test of time. Through his choice of colors and coatings, Chris Pitt artfully merges innovation and technique, resulting in concrete sculptures that stand as testaments to his creative ingenuity.

Painter: Chris Pitt

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Chalk whiteHc895Hr reducerIntensityPatriot blueSilver blingTamco intensityUrethane reducers