Nathan Feger's artistic brilliance comes to life through his skillful utilization of Tamco Paint's Murdered Out Black and Intensity hues, resulting in a captivating masterpiece that transcends conventional boundaries. The interplay of these colors on the canvas creates a mesmerizing visual narrative, with Chalk White thoughtfully juxtaposed alongside a subdued Patriot Blue to form intricate highlights that breathe dimension into the artwork. Notably, Feger's nuanced use of Red Red Wine imparts an element of rich emotion to the piece, particularly evident in the meticulously rendered tongue and jaws. To enhance the dramatic intensity, the artist deftly employs Murdered Out Black to deepen shadows around the teeth, adding a touch of mystery and depth to the composition. This artwork stands as a testament to Feger's mastery of color manipulation and his ability to evoke a wide spectrum of sensations through his distinctive choices and techniques.

Painter: Nathan Feger

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Chalk whiteHr reducerIntensityMurdered out blackPatriot blueRed red wineTamco intensityUrethane reducers