Bob's Corner:  A New Feature: General Updates by Bob Barney

picture above: (Bob and Tammy Barney)

By Bob Barney

I've had an idea for a long time now, that blog about general paint issues would be helpful for those wanting some inside information on paint tech, raw materials, what's happening in the industry, what the future of our industry will look like.

I read many sources weekly concerning our industry. There are quite a few. Some are only for manufacturers, and others for the general public.  Often paint manufacturing magazines have important information that the public cannot have access to.  Hopefully, many will find the information useful.

Unfortuanately many "facts" about our industry are simply wrong.  We have too many people who think they are experts, but most are merely parroting the statements others have made that they believe are true.  The problem I have using Facebook is that I don't often see many of the post where customers asks questions, and are given wrong information!  This blog will try to allieviate this.

At any time, send issues you would like me to discuss. The best way is to send questions and ideas to  I read that everyday - several times a day. I DO NOT DO FACEBOOK MESSENGER.

Our intention is to give the facts, as well as our opinions (which will be clearly labeled such) about every aspect of our industry.

The paint industry is made up of many components. Tamco is geared to Land, Sea and Air.  Mainly paint and coatings related materials for automotive, fleet, marine, gem and aircraft painting.  I have very little knowledge in house paints, and other coatings for industries we don't serve.

Eventually I'll post videos, tech articles, and tips here.  

This blog will be available at (hopefully in the future) and some will be reposted on Facebook.

So keep us in mind and check back for my updates.