Coming Soon - Tintable Foreverseal!

We have been working on a tintable version of forever seal now for several months.  Because we use a unique 1K resin system, I realized that only a 1K product could be used to tint it. 2K urethane's could not be used because of the need to then add a hardener, which is not compatible with the resin.  

Our base coat is truly 1K, an although it has 8% functional resin (that just means that we add an acrylic urethane resin which will bond with iso hardener), the product might be compatible, without losing any of the properties of Foreverseal.  

Also, our base coats are the highest pigment solids in the industry.  Our colors cover in 2-3 coats when reduced 1:1...  

We took a red (normally poor hiding in other base coats) and mixed it 4 parts of CLEAR Foreverseal to only 1 Part unreduced base coat.  Then we mixed that 4:1 with HR-1370 reducer and sprayed it.  As you will see in the video, it worked great!   Smooth as silk.   Just a little more testing and now you will be able to have exact match sealers to your paint line!


ForeverCoat is a Ready To Spray/Direct To Metal is an auto/Fleet & Industrial Sealer that has exceptionally good filling properties and provides good color holdout and fast topcoat times.  It can be applied directly over properly prepared steel, galvanized, aluminum, fiberglass, SMC, base-coat, old lacquer, old cured enamel, and old polyurethane.  The advantage of this sealer is that there is NO pot-life issues, and NO RECOAT period to worry about.  It’s FOREVER recoat-able without sanding!

Yet it sands like butter if you need to!

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