Candy SoCal Blue Concentrate

Photos Shown: Custom Automotive Installations and other Project

Type of Product: Liquid Solvent Based Candy Concentrate

Options: Candy SoCal Blue Concentrate, 2K Candy SoCal Blue

Basecoat Recommendation: Slick Silver Coarse

Basecoat Mixing Ratio: 1:1

Intercoat Recommendation: CC3000 Candy Carrier, HC895 Intercoat

Intercoat Mixing Ratio: 4:1

Applied with Urethane Reducer H1390 Extra Slow

Covered in HC2105 Extra Slow High Solids Clearcoat

Optional but recommended products: 

Finishing & Polishing Products

-HR397 Wax & Grease Remover Or HR397W (Waterbased version)

-HR398 Final Wipe (anti static & light cleaning)

-Tamco T-Cups - Spray gun cup liner system


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CandySocal blue concentrate