In the summer of 2020, Peter enthusiastically embarked on a creative journey, demonstrating his prowess as a web developer by delving into the world of automotive aesthetics. Venturing beyond his familiar realm of web development, he meticulously painted a coupe with a striking combination of Tamco Paint's products. The process began with the application of HP5310 Grey DTM Primer, meticulously preparing the surface for the transformation that followed. With a careful eye for design, Peter then applied the distinctive Land Rover Velocity Blue Satin, a choice that resonated with his appreciation for harmonious color schemes. To encapsulate his work and preserve its vibrancy, he completed the project with the application of HC2021 High Solids Clearcoat. Just as he aspires to make his web development work clear, Peter's foray into automotive painting showcases his commitment to precision and detail, even when venturing into new creative territories.

Painter: Peter

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

GreyHc2021Hp5310Hr reducerLand rover velocity blue satinUrethane reducers