Robert Pelletier skillfully transformed a car by starting with a green factory paint as his canvas. He meticulously sanded the surface to perfection, ensuring a flawless foundation for his creative vision. Using Tamco Paint's Forever Seal, he provided a protective shield, safeguarding the car's new look for the long haul. The artistic journey continued as he applied Rose Gold base coats, infusing a touch of opulence into the vehicle's identity. To add a captivating dimension, an enigmatic brand of chrome silver flake was introduced, lending a shimmering, iridescent quality to the finish. To seal the deal and guarantee a glossy, resilient appearance, Pelletier generously applied four coats of clearcoat. The result was a stunning, custom-painted masterpiece, showcasing his talent and dedication to automotive artistry.

Painter: Robert Pelletier

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Forever sealHr reducerRose goldUrethane reducers