Tommie Bryne, a discerning automotive enthusiast with an eye for finesse, embarked on a car-painting endeavor that exemplified his dedication to achieving a remarkable finish. Opting for Tamco Paint's Toyota Turbulence Gray Metallic, Tommie displayed a keen sense of color selection, highlighting the car's contours with a touch of sophistication. By choosing the HC2021 High Solids Clearcoat as the final layer, Tommie further underscored his commitment to quality and longevity. The use of a high solids clearcoat suggests Tommie's attention to creating a durable and glossy finish, ensuring that his project not only stands out visually but also maintains its luster over time. Through his meticulous choice of products, Tommie Bryne has transformed the car into a canvas of elegance, combining his passion for automotive aesthetics with a deep understanding of the materials required to achieve a truly exceptional result. The stripe is a blend of Toyota Turbulence Gray Metallic and HB9900 Jet Black Basecoat

Painter: Tommie Bryne

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products:

Hc2021Hr reducerToyota turbulence grayUrethane reducers