Cande Customs showcased their exceptional craftsmanship in a car transformation project that encompassed a series of meticulous steps. They started by stripping the trim, removing the remaining traces of the vinyl roof, and carefully taking off the lights. Following this, they thoroughly pressure washed the vehicle to ensure a clean surface. The next crucial step involved using Tamco Paint's HP662 Black DTA Epoxy and HP5310 Grey DTM Primer. This duo provided a solid foundation for the upcoming paintwork. With great attention to detail, they proceeded to DA sand the surface to a smooth 320 grit, then meticulously taped off the areas for precision. Finally, Cande Customs applied their expertise to spray the vehicle, resulting in a stunning finish that undoubtedly showcased their dedication to excellence in automotive refinishing.

Painter: CanDe Customs

Tamco Products used for this look:

Optional but recommended Tamco Paint products: