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Matte Clearcoat

Label shows 4:1 that’s not correct! It is in fact mixed 2:1:1 

this will be fixed 

Matte Clearcoat Kit

Have you wanted a traditional Matte clear that is NOT flattened with the run of the mill flattening agents. But uses better technology for that perfect matte finish? This is the matte clear for you. We also offer several of our traditional Tamco clears in a matte finish, they use traditional flattening agents that work very well. This uses a silica based flattening agent, known In the industry to perform better long term in some applications. It mixes 2:1:1 and the kit includes all items needed. (Clear, hardener and reducer)

Tech sheet coming soon. Call tech department


NOTE*** You MUST choose the correct kit size to each hardener size. If you do not it will say Unavailable as the wrong size was chosen. (Ex. Quart kits do not take 2 qts of hardener, therefore its "out of stock" as its not correct)

TDS Sheets

TECH SHEET (COMING SOON) -- Call 800-678-1533 press #3

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Kit Includes:
1- Matte Clearcoat
2- HH7600 Series Hardener
2- Urethane Reducer


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Iwata LPH80

I've been spraying plastic motorcycle parts with the Iwata LPH80 1.2 with the Matte Clear, mixed 2:1:1 with HH7605 and HR1370. I set the LPH80 at maximum fan and 29PSI and spray wet coats and it does quite nicely with no runs or orange peel. Spraying wetter coats does seem to make the matte have a little more gloss. I've gotten so used to using Tamco products (not primer) with the LPH80 that I don't use my Devilbiss Pro Lite. I don't like that Tamco forces you to buy reducer with this kit, High Solids and Flat clears. Why?

Thanks Tamco!!

I'm a novice and Tamco helped me out with me questions to get going. For my first time spraying "auto" paints I thought something would go wrong, nut nope everything laid down perfectly smooth! The customer service and product are great, so I'll be back.

Amazing Product

Lays out like glass. Sheen is perfect!


As a DIYer I really rely on the input and recommendations from Tamco and have been very please with the input and the excellent products.

Matte Clearcoat

Sprays great and gave me the look I needed. I was shipped fast