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Highest Quality Automotive Paints at Affordable Prices!!
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      Customer Reviews

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      Great products! Great service!

      As always, exactly what I was looking for, easy to use and looks great!

      Matte Clear, the smoothest on the Market.

      I have been in the paint and body business for 42 years. I have used everyone else Matte Clear. After using Tamco’s Mate Clear i will never use anyone else’s again. It lays down so smooth and sprays the easiest of sprays. The resins used makes this the best product for the Matte finish. It is mixed with there best clear resins, 2104. No adding agents on my part. Shake, stir, what ever you use. Add hardener and a splash of reducers desired. Covers in two coats if wanted. Three makes it a bullet proof finish and will last a very long time in the out door Environments. As we all know Mattes and Flats do not last as long as full clears. Tamco’s last longer than any others. If you want a fine finish and a long lasting Matte Clear, Tamco’s your product.