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Matte Clearcoat

Label shows 4:1 that’s not correct! It is in fact mixed 2:1:1 

this will be fixed 

Matte Clearcoat Kit

Have you wanted a traditional Matte clear that is NOT flattened with the run of the mill flattening agents. But uses better technology for that perfect matte finish? This is the matte clear for you. We also offer several of our traditional Tamco clears in a matte finish, they use traditional flattening agents that work very well. This uses a silica based flattening agent, known In the industry to perform better long term in some applications. It mixes 2:1:1 and the kit includes all items needed. (Clear, hardener and reducer)

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Kit Includes:
1- Matte Clearcoat
2- HH7600 Series Hardener
2- Urethane Reducer


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Justin Gatie
Matte clear

Awesome product, lays down perfect, I little thick coming out of the can, but the catalyst and reducer mix in easily. Temperature affects the flash time, so pay attention! Like most of the Tamco products, this one is perfect.

Mike U
First experience with Tamco product. Bad but then good.

Five star product when it’s the right consistency! No tech support follow up about my issue brings it down to three star. Kind of left me hanging.
I did a lot of research to find the right matte clear coat for my current project. I have used about four other matte clears from other manufacturers with varying results. Some left stripping, others were blotchy and inconsistent, others would develop strange white spots after a couple weeks. I had heard nothing but good things about Tamco and I liked that they approached the flattening agent differently. I decided to order a gallon of the matte clear. When it arrived I was a little concerned at how thick it was in the can. It was seriously thick like syrup! I called tech support about it and was assured it was correct. I mixed it up 2:1:1 as the can stated and sprayed it. It was pretty thick and I did get it to flow out ok but I had to spray really slow. I wasn’t happy with the result and figured it was user error and I was dealing with a learning curve on spraying the product. I decided to wet sand the matte clear to smooth it out a bit and re-topcoat it with some more matte clear. The problem was I needed more matte clear to do that so I ordered another gallon. Well, the next gallon I received was a completely different consistency! It was how you would expect clear coat to be. Not like syrup. It was at this point that I called tech support again and explained what I was dealing with. The gentleman I spoke to agreed something wasn’t right and said he’d give me a call right back after he spoke to some people about my issue. I received no call back. At this point I just decided to spray the new clear. I will say that it was WAY easier to spray. In fact, it was amazing to spray! It confirmed my suspicions about the first gallon being wrong. I am now finished spraying the car and it’s been dry about a week. The finish is super consistent and looks exactly how I hoped it would! Has a really nice sheen to it. Would I use this product again? Absolutely! Would I recommend it? Yes I would. Just know that if you open the can and it’s suspiciously thick, it’s not right.

Ed Francis
Tamco Matte Clearcoat

This Tamco matte clear is an awesome product. It sprayed very easily, and had very even and uniform coverage. I have used matte clears from other manufacturers in the past, and none of them even came close to the quality of the Tamco Matte Clear. I really love this stuff!!! 5 golden stars, and 2 thumbs UP!!!

jim strickland
That clearcoat!!!!!

I really liked it, I will be using more of your progress in the future

James Stewart
Excellent Results

Matte clear was used over secret silver base on alloy wheels. The color of the secret silver and the appearance of the matte clear created a set of refurbished wheels that look awesome. Excellent product.