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David Moore
Wrong color

I was expecting the harley davidson gunmetal pearl. But this is not it. It is a gunmetal gray

This is our custom color called 'GunMetal', not to be confused with anything Harley Davidson.
Anything Harley will clearly be named Harley

Gunmetal Pearl

I knew this was the color for our project. Once I did the spray out, Bam new I made the right decision. I have received more the ten “I love the color” in less than a week.

Robert Thompson

Like all the products I’ve purchased, very pleased.

Danny Riddle

Excellent coverage!

Mix it like you want.

Gunmetal Pearl, amazing color. I had Tammy add a little more black to give the client his own color. This gunmetal pearl is just what it says. Gunmetal Pearl. You can have it your way. Or just goth from the speed shape. Either way you do it, it the best Gunmetal Pearl out there.

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